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Deadlines are an integral part of the advertising and design universe, as they are in most businesses actually. So it seems ironic to have to tap into inspiration on the clock. Yet if you want to survive in this business, it's essential to activate all the right creative neurones at the right time. What I've found works for me, is just the right dose of schizophrenia. Stepping away from ones work, even for a short period of time is essential to let your ideas swim in the subconscious mind. But what if you don’t have much time? That's where that small dose of schizophrenia helps. (Or like some like to say: compartmentalizing your thoughts).

What I do is turn to other thoughts—but thoroughly, or work on several projects at the same time, which usually give my subconscious mind the time to work on a certain project while my conscious mind works on another... some sort of schizophrenia. (No offense to the serious medical condition is meant). Take a look at these creatively crazy ads.

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